This is a help page for store vendors for some of the more frequently asked questions.

  1. Can we be in multiple categories? Unfortunately, it would be unfair to the other groups if one group was in multiple categories. Please pick the category you think best describes your products.
  2. How do we factor shipping into the price? Go to Settings ->  Shipping ->  Shipping by Country and then you can set the default shipping price as well as the price per additional item.
  3. How do we change our location and what should we set our location as? Go through Settings -> Location, and then you will see an option to change your location. You are not allowed to use your actual address for privacy reasons, so it would be a good idea to use the address of either main campus or TC.
  4. What size should our images be? All product images need to be square. Banner images need to be rectangular, but it will automatically crop to the right size so graphics near the border may not be displayed. Lastly if you are on the slideshow on the homepage, the image needs to be rectangular, preferably 1065 x 545 pixels. However, we will edit the image to fit the top slideshow if this is not possible for you.
  5. How do we set up two factor authentication? Mr. Churchward has posted a screen recording of how to set up 2FA in the 2Y ENVISION channel.
  6. What do we need to do if we want our images on the Envision Marketplace Instagram page? Email us via envision.marketplace@outlook.com with your square images as well as your group name, the names of the people in your group, and your group’s Instagram account if you want us to tag you. It may take a few days to be posted. Premium members we will be prioritised in the queue. Remember that this is a great way to further reach the school community, who may be interested in purchasing your products.
  7. What do we need to do if we want our images on the About Page? Like the Instagram page (and you can be on both) just email us an image. However, in this case, would prefer images of you with your product or making your product to showcase the wide variety of skills that we have learnt. This is another nice opportunity to gain some extra exposure.
  8. What is our store banner? A store banner is the image you have on the header of your store page. Preferably, this needs to have darker tones for the white, store title text to be legible, but there have been some creative ways around this. You may like to have a look at how Paper Walls have done their banner image. Filters can be used to darken existing images as well.
  9. We set something up wrong. How do we change it? You can change the settings you have entered by going to Settings -> Store.
  10. How do we see what our statistics and sales? Go to My Account -> Reports.
  11. How can we be the cover image of our category? If you are Premium customers, then you have the option of being the cover image of your category, just email us an image of your product. Remember that the first image we receive will be used since we can only have one cover image per category.
  12. How do we sign up? There is an instructional video on the 2Y ENVISION channel on how to sign up, this has been reposted for your convenience.
  13. What happens if I’m signing up and I don’t know what to put in a field? Don’t stress- most of the entry fields can be left blank and filled in later via Settings.
  14. What do I write in the description section of my store? The description section of your store can be found from the front-end (the part customers can see) by clicking About from your store page. You may like to write about why your store is a good option for customers or any of your defining qualities, it’s up to you.
  15. What do I write in the description sections of my products? There are two description sections for your products- a short one that appears up the top of the page and a longer one that appears when the viewer scrolls down a little. In the shorter one, you should provide a brief outline of what your product is, what it does. In the longer one, you may want to write about ingredients or materials, allergy warnings (if applicable), and any additional details about the product that you may want the customer to know.
  16. What is a store slug? A store slug is the section of a url (link) that allows customers to find your store. For example, www.envision.melbourne/store/example-store. This should be your store name with dashes between words. Your store-slug is made automatically based on the store name you enter whilst registering. This can also be changed at a later date.