Welcome to the official online marketplace for the 2020 Strathcona Year 9 Envision Program. During the Envision program, Year 9 students have had a taste of entrepreneurship through creating their own businesses. In previous years, this program included a market at the main campus in Canterbury, where students from other year levels flocked to buy the creations of Year 9 cohort. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical sales are not possible.

Throughout this experience, students have grown their skills in business and gained a real-world understanding of the struggles and rewards associated with entrepreneurship. Some of the many products the Year 9 cohort has to offer include chocolate, greeting cards, jewelry and this very website that you are using now. All groups have followed a thorough procedure, learning the important skills that accompany brain-storming, business pitches, marketing, and handling finances.

For images and more information please visit our socials, linked below.

Stationery and Labels from the amazing team at Together Tea.
A couple of beautiful terrariums from Jungle Jars.
Alyssa from Best Wishes making some of their lovely customisable cards.
One of the great products from Ecocases.