Welcome to the official online marketplace for the 2022 Strathcona Year 9 Envision Program. During the Envision program, Year 9 students have had a taste of entrepreneurship through creating their own businesses.

Throughout this experience, students have grown their skills in business and gained a real-world understanding of the struggles and rewards associated with entrepreneurship. All groups have followed a thorough procedure, learning the important skills that accompany brain-storming, business pitches, marketing, and handling finances.

We are pleased that this year the program will once again include a market at the main campus in Canterbury, where students from other year levels can purchase the creations of the Year 9 cohort. This website was developed in 2020 when we were unable to run a face-to-face market due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year the website continues to be a valuable part of the Envision experience for our students and a great way for us to sell products to a broader customer base.

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Meg, Kate and Audrey developed the Envision Marketplace in 2020

This website was created by Meg, Kate and Audrey (Year 9, 2020) as their own business for the Envision program. Here are a few words from them:

After going into lockdown in 2020, it quickly became clear that a face-to-face market would no longer be feasible for the Envision program. Preceding these events, we had been exploring web development in our Tay Creggan tech-club. When the opportunity arose to utilise our new skills in an online retail setting, we were more than keen on the idea. It was very encouraging knowing that through this project we could provide our cohort with the chance to take part in this incredible program. We are excited that the Envision Marketplace is being used again this year and look forward to seeing the new Year 9 businesses!

Meg, Kate and Audrey (Envision Marketplace developers, Year 9 2020)
Stationery and Labels from the amazing team at Together Tea.
A couple of beautiful terrariums from Jungle Jars.
Alyssa from Best Wishes making some of their lovely customisable cards.
One of the great products from Ecocases.